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Cookie Bar Treats

              2 eggs
              cup of wheat germ
              cup of honey
              2 cups of whole wheat flour
              cup of corn oil or butter
              cup of non-fat powdered milk
              teaspoon of garlic salt
              cup of cold water

              to 1lb of calves' liver (230-450g)

            Chop calves' liver in a food processor or blender. Combine
              the flour and other dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
              Mix in the oil and the liver. Add eggs, water and honey
              and stir. Form into a ball - if it's sticky, add some more
              flour to the surface of the ball.

              Spread the dough onto a non-stick cookie pan and bake for
              20 minutes at 300F (150C). Remove from oven, cut into
              bars or pieces, then return them to the oven for a further
              20 minutes on a low heat.

              Remove the dogs from under your feet.

              Allow the bars to cool, place in your dog's bowl, serve and
              stand back to avoid the rush
(advice from Ted).

              Start cooking the next batch.