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Show Stoppers

To many, dog showing is totally unfathomable.

There are strange rules; it's stressful; it's alternately hot, cold, wet or windy.  There are early mornings, long journeys, crowded venues and dogs which insist on getting dirty the minute you have groomed them to perfection.

So why do people do it?

For some it's a hobby, for others it's a lifestyle.  It's certainly a good way to meet people who have a common interest. Indeed, through the show scene many friendships are forged which last years.  It's not unusual to find a group of owners of many different breeds of dog enjoying the sun or commiserating in the rain.  After all, they're not competing against each other until they get through to the Group judging.



How does it work ?

At a show the judges are not comparing the dogs against each other.  The principle is to compare each dog on show with the ideal specimen.  They are judged against conformation to the individual Breed Standard.  Thus when a group line-up is being judged, the breeds are not compared with each other.  Instead each dog is compared with the judge's mind's eye view of the perfect dog of the same breed.



What's in a name ?

Have you ever looked at those long show names and thought, "How pretentious!"?  Well, they do actually have a significance and, in fact, can tell you quite a bit about the dog.  Find out how here.


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