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What's in a Name?

"Hello, I'm Lucq.

To help me explain about the names, I'll use my family as examples;



To begin, my daughter.   Vinca a.k.a Felcore Nuage Blanc (I call her a meddling ratbag - but that's beside the point).   Felcore is the name of the kennel where she was born and Nuage Blanc is her.


The kennel name can go either before the dog's name or after.   The breeders decide when they register the kennel name.   For example Ghislaine of Lisblanc (I know she's related somehow, but I can never remember where all my ancestors fit in) has her kennel after her name, or even Izianette de Fontenay (she's my Great, Great, Great Granny).


The dog's personal name can be anything you want as long as it has not been used before and is less than a certain number of letters (21 in New Zealand, I think).



My kennel name is Karray Charmer (Imp UK).   I hardly ever use it but do you see the (Imp UK) bit?   That means I was born in the UK but now live somewhere else - in my case New Zealand.



Are you still with me?   Because from here it gets a bit more complicated.



Ch Felcore Seulement Yeux is Vinca's sister, Eyza.   She has Ch before her name because she's been very successful in the show ring.   She has won at least 8 Challenge Certificates under at least 3 different judges in New Zealand and therefore attained her Championship.



NZ Ch Startrax Amy Jay (Imp UK) is Vinca's mum.   She's attained her Championship status too; but because she came from the UK to New Zealand, it has to be made clear that she became a Champion after she arrived from the UK.    Therefore she has NZ Ch.



Sometimes dogs change owners.   When this happens the dog usually keeps his original kennel name, but may take on the name of the kennel where he lives now too.    Try this one; Ch Laudley Dimbleby at Karray.   He's my Grandpa.   He was born at the Laudley kennel but, when he was older, he moved to the Karray kennel, hence he added at Karray to his name.



It's possible for a rather sharp dog like my Great, Great, Great Grandpa Ch Irish Ch Awton Premier Super Trooper to become a Champion in more than one country (this is quite difficult for the English dogs due to the quarantine regulations).   Because he's got Ch Irish Ch before his name you know that he's a Champion in both the UK and Ireland.



Finally, take a look at my Daddy:

American Ch/English Ch Whispering Pines André of Valcarlos (Imp USA)

Quite colourful isn't he?



Without even knowing him, you can ascertain that André was born in the United States at the Whispering Pines kennel and attained his Championship there before he moved to the UK to live at the Valcarlos kennels.    Once in the UK he became a Champion again, under English rules.



So there you have it.   Seems there's a lot more to it than just a fancy handle!"


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