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Pyrenean Fanciers Association

....dedicated to the health, well-being and future
of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog in New Zealand.

As an Association, we believed it was important to formulate a Code of Ethics for our Members which embodies our Mission Statement.



Care of Dogs
  • A Member shall, at all times, ensure all dogs under that Member's care are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and receive proper veterinary attention as and when required.   No Member's dog may be treated in an inhumane manner, or be subjected to severe, cruel or unusual punishments, or be exposed to any condition likely to endanger health or life.
  • Members must recognise their responsibility to protect the reputation of the breed.   A Member shall not allow any dogs under that Member's care to roam at large,  and when away from home or in a public place, with any dogs, ensure they are kept fully leashed or under effective control at all times.
  • Members are encouraged to attend puppy pre-school classes for early socialisation, and complete a basic obedience course to learn good handling techniques,  training methods and control.
  • New owners are encouraged to seek assistance or advice from more experienced Members, who should be prepared to assist if requested.
  • A Member should give consideration to de-sexing a dog not intended for breeding or showing.
  • Any Member unable to continue ownership of a dog should seek assistance from the Breeder and/or PFA to place the dog in a suitable new home.


  • A Member should breed only with the intention of maintaining and/or improving the standard of the Breed, should be a current member of the NZKC in New Zealand,(or appropriate organisation in other countries) and hold a registered kennel name. He or she should have studied and be familiar with the New Zealand and other International Breed Standards.
  • All animals to be bred should have sound and typical structure, sound temperament, freedom from hereditary defects and be in a state of good health.
  • The bitch's owner will safeguard the bitch against unplanned matings.
  • The stud owner should ascertain that the offspring will be raised and sold in a satisfactory manner, as stated at the beginning of this Code.
  • No bitch should whelp a litter before 24 months or after 7 years of age.  No maiden bitch should be mated after 5 years of age.  No dog should be used for stud before 12 months of age.  If it is unavoidable to keep strictly within these guidelines, especially where the bitch is concerned,  veterinary advice should be sought to ensure that the health of the bitch is not compromised.
  • No bitch should be mated if the puppies will be born within 12 months of her last litter, and no stud dog owner should allow their dog to be used for such a mating.
  • It is recommended that the owners of the stud and bitch complete and sign a written contract, stating the agreed conditions and terms of service.


Sales and Transfers
  • A Member shall not sell any dog or puppy to commercial dog wholesalers or retail pet dealers, nor allow a dog directly or indirectly to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.
  • It is recommended that all puppies leaving the breeder be a minimum of 8 weeks old.
  • No dog shall be sold in a state of ill health.  Medical records will be supplied to the new owner if the dog has had veterinary treatment,  together with a signed veterinary report if required.
  • A Member should ensure,  when selling or transferring a dog to another person,  that all documents required by the NZKC are provided to the recipient of that dog within 28 days of sale or transfer.
  • A Member should provide to all recipients of dogs from that Member,  written details of all dietary requirements, sufficient information to care adequately for the dog, including a copy of this Code of Ethics and ensure the new owner has satisfactory premises for the dog.
  • In the case of puppies, the breeder, having ascertained the suitability of the new home,  should have the puppy checked by a vet to ascertain good health and freedom from physical defects,  have commenced the vaccination programme, (veterinary or homeopathic vaccines as agreed by the breeder and the new owner) and be available to assist the new owner with follow up advice as required.


  • Any Member wishing to report an infraction of this Code should submit a signed complaint to one of the Steering Group and include any supporting evidence.
  • The accused party will be contacted within 7 days by the Association officer appointed to investigate the complaint and be supplied with a photocopy of the complaint to which he must respond within 7 days.  However, in any case where it is suspected that a dog is in need of urgent attention,  whatever action deemed necessary will be taken immediately to attend to the dog's needs.
  • If a violation of the Code of Ethics is proven to have been committed by the Member, the Steering Group shall attempt to deal with the matter in a manner which provides a satisfactory outcome.

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